One semester passed!


Salaaaaaamun alaykum and ola people! 
(was typing this shivering-ly under my sweater brrrr)

Its finally winter break, pipoooool! I'm freeeeezanggg k over padahal takdelah sampai bersalji pun Alex ni heheheheh. 

Soooooo, I updated nothing for this semester except for one little-emotional post. Awful little amirah here, I know. I was busy with my very last semester for pre-clinical years. Need to catch up everything while finishing all the requirements. Was exhausted mentally and physically. I finally finished my preclinical years a couple days ago alhamdulillah. May I get the best result, ameen! Will do a proper so-called 'Hello clinical years' post laytah inshaAllah. Moga Amirah rajin *cough*

Lemme show you a sneak peek on what I have done throughout this semester:

Ini design untuk gigi palsu partial denture (orang yang masih ada gigi, tapi dah tercabut beberapa gigi)
Haaaaaa tang ni sampai luka luka tangan duk main bengkok kan wire ni haa. Keraih baq ang!
Ni pun untuk partial denture

Ni sama macam gambaq atas, tapi dari angle lain

Ini subjek operative. Yang tampal simen kat gigi berlubang hehe.
 (the grey one is a cement called amalgam. I need to drill the tooth, following a definite shape (bentuk dia dah tetap ikut gigi apa. kalau ni gigi 2nd molar bawah, so bentuk dia cross) pastu bila dah buat lubang cavity, masukkan simen amalgam ni. Ada masa 3 minit je nak isi pastu kemaskan ikut bentuk asal gigi sebelum amalgam mengeras)

*Oh ye. Do notice my pink gloves as well, they made my day every section-day hahhaahahhaha*

Thats it sedikit sebanyak. Ada banyak lagi senanye nak tunjuk tapi semua gambar still dalam phone pastu malas transfer lagi sebab cable masalah so thats it eheh. 

Back to reality --
Gosh I need to prepare myself reaaaaaaally really well before entering the clinical years as it will be much much much more stressful and harder than before. That's why I decided not to go out and having fun yada yada this winter break. C'mon, I only have 2 weeks for break and settle down errthang. My winter break wishlist is full with unfinished task that I have to settle it ASAP phew.
Plus Kei is coming over early Jan inshaAllah and that is my escapade, and I'm all happy! 

In a blink, I've encountered 5 semesters in dental school, left with another 5. There you go, halfway of the degree journey. Yet the hardest is coming. I finally come to a start, of a real circumstance of a dental school. Dealing with real people, as a patient I mean. No more drilling plastic tooth inside a dummy head, but real tooth inside real people's mouth. Things aren't getting any better when it comes to Arabs people. Different culture, different language. Everything is a new challenge, new adventure for me. All I can do now is keep praying that I am strong enough to adapt myself into the system.

What a serious post I've wrote today hahahah. But future me will be reading this one day, and I hope she is already an iron lady in this journey :D
Behold, future me!


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