The brake didnt work!


I. Was. Bringing. My. Nenek. *faint*

My heart skipped two beats. Yesterday, I happened to accompany my nenek (which I called her as 'Ma') for her appointment in KBMC Hospital, since everyone was so busy. #cucumithali

Alhamdulillah everything went well, until we were on our way home.
The car (which is her car, just she can't really drive these days bcs of her back pain) was having problem with its brake. So Ma told my uncle to repair it as I will be using it yesterday. And yes he did brought the car to mechanics.

But I still having no confidence to rock the car, my guts says no to me. So I drove reaaaaally carefully.

My guts didnt wrong, guys.

On our way home, I was driving and having some nenek-cucu talks with her, and suddenly a car before us decelerating and almost stop. I pressed on the brake pedal, but still, the tyres rolling with the same speed. The brake wasnt functioning! *insert drumrolls cerita indon*

"Ma brek tok makan ni gano ni"
*starts panic*

"Heh ah sudoh. Bwk slow2 lah" *immediately praying*

See the difference? -_-

The brake didnt work, as if I am stepping on nothing. I put my effort to push the pedal till it really on it end, and finally the car decelerating! (But not stop). I can reach the brake, but I have to push it till the end. Sampai rapat gila. Luckily I was driving on a slow speed on that time. And nothing happened, alhamdulillah.

After few kilometres, the brake gained its conciousness. I dont know how and why, it just....happened. I think it may be bcs of Ma's prayer :')))

Again, alhamdulillah.
Maybe thats a sign from Him for me to not rocking any car afterwards :')

We safely arrived home. Later that evening, my uncle came by, and asking on the car. He said that the mechanic wasnt change the brake yet.

I was like, WUTTT?
Hey, he shouldve told us! Told Ma, at least. If I knew it from the beginning, I would be super careful. Or maybe finding another solution; pakai kereta lain ke apa ke. Ish. Sebbaik nyawa panjang lagi setakat ni -_-

What happen, happened. Let it go, but not the lessons. And lessons learned!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :]

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