The never-invited


Salaaamun alaykum and haii people!

Nooo its not the istanbul post yet i havent finished writing that part hihuhu (was so lazy and having no mood mashaAllah sisturrr).
And oh ya. Selamat Hari Raya!

Yesterday, the never-invited migrain came. And as usual, I sleep. Taking pain killer, or any pills is so not me. Except if and only if the pill is reaaaallly small in size. In which bila telan tak rase pape pun. Contohnya ubat allergic (loratadine). I cant handle big size pills. Lagi rela kena cucuk :')
Even panadol, I have to break it into 4 parts, and swallow it part by part. And each one part will take around 30 mins before passing my throat. Teruk en, i know :'))

Back to the story. Ya know, kalau kena migrain, then kita amik inisiatif nak tido, then tido tu tak cukup -- will worsen the pain. Sakit tu lagi berganda.
And yes, aku tersedar sebab guruh kuat iler, kain jemuran belum angkat. Bangun terus berlari gi angkat kain. Masa tengah angkat, I almost fainted. Rasa dunia bergoyang pastu sakit gila kepala. Tapi sebab dah nak hujan ribut, me got no choice kecuali angkat semua kain cecepat.

Lepas tutup tingkap semua, I laid on my bed. The pain is real. Then sambung tidur. Tersedar balik pukul 6pm. I took my bath, hoping that the pain will be lesser than before. But nooo its not :')

After maghrib, I tried to take some pills. As my stomach was empty, I made a mug of milo anddd cicah dengan roti. Then I tried to eat Uphamol (this one is better bcs i hv to take only 1 pill, compared to paracetamol kena makan 2 biji).
Anddd guess what. I VOMITTED.
(Im sorry milo, I love you, will not vomit u out anymoree)

Then I goes back to sleep (i cant even sleep actually). I was just laying on the bed, and keep shuddering in pain. Masa migrain tetiba semua benda jadi nak fikir sampaikan nama hospital dalam cerita The Doctors pun aku nak pikir - "is it Kerikil or Kuril or Keril?"


I really wanted to google the name but I cant see any slight of light, even the phone's light. So I decided to check it out later, which only makes my head aching even more and more! Sigh.

Ive mentioned that I shuddered in pain, no? Do you know what I keep shouting?


I laid on the right side. Then on the left side. And I sat down. Everything was not relieving the pain. Until suddenly;

My room door was knocked. And someone opened it from outside.

"Sakit sangat ko?"

It was Umi. Yes. Hearing her voice makes the pain lesser. And minutes later, I can sleep. Its magic, isnt is? :')

Compared to those time when migrain attacked me in Egypt. Even my housemates came and picit picit kepala, the pain just dont go away easily like this. I need umi by myside 24/7, can ah?

Oh ye. Sangat tidak patut migrain serang time cuti ceni en? I mean, I am not in a stressful condition. Nothing stress me, peopleeee why the never-invited migrain visited meee?

Geez, lupa. I am getting fat. Day by day. Hour by hour. Minutes by minutes. Second by second. I think that stress me out hahahahah kbye.

Selamat hari raya gais!
(My umi screaming for my help now, gotta go, xoxo!)

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :D

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