The end of Tahun 2 Pergigian & Ladies Night!


Salaaaamun alaykum and hai \O/

I am currently sitting on a chair, by my grandmama's side. She is laying on a bed. Hospital bed, to be truth.
She was warded since yesterday bcs of cellulitis on her hand, and I accompanied her last night. Sebab aku soghang ja takdak kerja pastu takdak anak nak jaga pastu takdak benda nak buat pastu tak perlu nak fikir pasal study dah. (with no internet as my malaysia's sim card is missing and I havent buying a new one, I survived!!)

And she is currently doing well, dont worry :)
#cucumithalipandaijaganenek :)))

And last morning I witness a death. There is a nenek, which warded yesterday bcs of short breathness. Alfatihah to her.

Wait, grandmama?
YES I AM HOME, GAIS. I'M HOME. I'M HOMEEEEEEH!!! Weeeeeehu *jejoget*


Well, actually I was at home since last week. My flight to Kelantan had safely landed last Thursday, alhamdulillah. And I also have passed my jet lag phase, alhamdulillah. No more bangun pukul 1pm pastu cakap "Iolls bangun pukul 7 pagi kay (jetjet ikut waktu Egypt pui)"

My very last paper turned out to be on 22nd of May, which was Operative Dentistry.
That night (a.k.a malam merdeka), my batch organised a 'Ladies Night' themed 'Gadis Melayu Terakhir'. All of us have to wear whether a plain shirt with kain batik, or baju kelawar. #hidopteamkelawar *shaking pompom*

Anddd not forget for hair!!!
Longer hair must be braided and for the shorter one, have to wear scarf or some pins or ikat pokok kelapa or anything yang nampak gurly gurly sikit.
Gadis melayu angat :')

Everyone have to participate the games (at least one). The games; makeup & singing competition yeay!! And everyone is a jury & had a chance to judge.

Guess which game I participated??
Ofcourse makeup. My voice way too good for singing. Masuk kang kalah orang lain :')))
Lagipun I have passion on makeup since I was a kid (minat mekap muka orang je tapi, muka sendiri tak sebab sayang takut kulit rosak kekeke kbye)

My partner (which I put the makeup on her face) was Niena. Takde org lain dah, memang selalunya Niena akan jadi mangsa try and error aku kat rumah lepas tengok tutorial hahahah sorry Na!
Lagipun dia memang suka kalau orang mekap muka dia, aku apa lagi gais. Golden chance, gais. Must grab, gais.

Oh oh. Before all the competitions started, we had our movie time! The movie chosen; The Bride Wars. I've watched it before, but watching it berjemaah way more fun!

Overall, I had so much fun. No, we all had! We need more activity like this :D
We spent a night together before saying our goodbyes. The next day, we made our separate ways. Ada yang nak pindah rumah, ada yang nak ke Cairo (last speed punya shopping), ada yang nak kemas rumah, ada nak kemas luggage.

Sorry for not having a proper picture for the programme, bcs all of us were not properly covering our aurah. Ada je gambaq, tapi takleh nak post hewhew.
Lets keep it as our the end of our 2nd year's memory :)

See y'all in our 3rd year!
(Omgee dah nak masuk 3rd year *kibas kibas tangan*)

Soooooo, okay thats it for now. Will update on my #amirahberhoholiday to Istanbul next time in shaa Allah. #istanbulmighahmaghi gitew ha. (Doakan kerajinan seorang amirah plis)
Stay tune!! Thanks for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen.

P/S: pray for my grandmama's health :)
P/S II: next week dah masuk Ramadhan. Happy fasting, everyoneeee!

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