Short May update! (& SC Sweet Cookies' sweet moments)


Salaaaaamun alaykum. And hi people!

Another short update here hiks. And its May! Yeaaaaaay I finally can scream out my lungs "bulan ni balik wehhh"  and blissfully marks the calendar counting the days xD

*shaking pompom*

BUT before that. Phew. Another 5 panglima pahlawan papers to fight. Paper here means subject, and one subject comes with its special extra bonus lab session. Pray for me :')

*shaking pompom sluggishly*

My next paper will be Prosthodontics (read: gigi palsu). Frankly, we have to set the teeth in the articulator (for the lab exam) within 2 freaking hours ONLY. I still can't figure out how I can survive, thinking of my 'great' hand work on every lab session in which I took almost the whole 2 hours just to set one, or if I was lucky, two teeth. We adult have 32 teeth, guys and I AM SO DEAD!

ni masa baru letak 2 batang gigi

Ni before tunjuk dekat Dr abt my progression

After showing my progression -- kena baiki teroxxx 

The one in which I was holding -- Dr's touch. Lawa en ;')
While the one yang tergolek kat bawah tu was mine -_-

(I update almost everything on my snapchat hahhah mana privacyyyyy)

Well, lets hoping for the best!


Cut the exam story, ehem. 

Last week, was The Odyssey Week (a campaign promoting SC). There were numerous activity held and organized by Mentor Council Unit. One of them was; Alex Got Talent. (Only for akhawat // mahasiswi // gegirls)

That evening before the Alex Got Talent event, we were having supposedly having our SC.
The plan was; 

We were going to surprise Aida for her belated birthday. And guess what?

The belated birthday girl was actually a sleeping beauty in disguise. She was laying on her bed, sleeping while we were sitting besides the freshly baked chocolate cake, waiting for her to come  -_-

So, the plan changed. One hour prior to the competition (Alex Got Talent), we decided to register our group as one of the contestant! Our supposedly-SC session had changed into a practise session. Downloading the minus one, dividing the song's verse and part, and practicing. We prepared everything within only 1 hour OMG how we managed thaaaaat I kennot brain but we did it!

We sang 2 song, which were Kasih Kekasih by Inteam & Ruang Rindu by Letto.

And of course, with 1 hour preparation, who would expect to win. We do enjoy that night mashaAllah all the exam stress flew awaaay. Its not the victory that we were aiming for. But something more valuable; THE SUPER GIFT -- ukhuwwah and memories.

And for the closing ceremony, top 3 best SC group was announced and alhamdulillah we managed to be one of them. Saaaaayang Sweet Cookies!

ni SC Sweet Cookies versi tak cukup korum. Terserlah sape paling tinggi -__-

Okaaay ni versi cukup korum hiks!

Kakak SC - Kak Lina & Kak Syeda
Sisters SC - Mimi Aifaa Wani Aimi Wawa Aida

Thats all for now. Thankyou for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :)

notakaki: I ordered nasi dagang ikan Terengganu and it will be delivered tomorrow inshaAllah yeaayyy can't wait! (dont care about weight anymore. Nasi dagang for life!) *tabur bunga bunga*

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