Hikayat Removable Prosthodontics I exam


Salaaaaaamun alaykum. And hi \O/

It's me agaaainn, pipol. I've posted 2 post within one week omgeeeee wheres the cheesy-jetjet busy Amirah gone? *rolling eyes*

Well actually I just wanna share my prosthodontics masterpiece (lah sangat) that I've submitted on practical exam weeeeee!! I only had 2 days gap before prosthodontics exam (after exam Pharmacology yang sumpah banyak gila namatey nama ubat nak kena hafal)
***Do note that my faculty is unique -- no study leavesssss!

Can you imagine how stress I was? 

The practical exam was on the same day as the written exam. For practical, we have to bring our mounting (warna putih, macam simen tu yang lekatkan study cast (biru) dengan articulator) with the wax rim (pink, kira macam dia tu gusi). 

"Everything have to be prepared at home, you just have to come and set the teeth."

Ni ha rupa dia yang aku bawak gi exam. Macam gigi orang tua - takde gigi, hanya gusi semata.

The day before the exam, I was stressed out. Tons of unread notes, and unfinished occlusal rim.
So I decided to go out, and have a random walk on my own. I was so lucky that Alexandria or specifically my house is so near to the sea. And yeah, my foot finally decided to stop there. I sat by the seaside, and calmly witness the sunset of the day :) 

Oh, and also chocolate bars haunting after that hahahaha. Chocolates are one of those stress reliever! 
(and its a faaaact)

Diet who?

And this is the viewwwwww
That night, I started to work on the preparation for practical exam. Niena, Cikinot, and Wani came into my room and we did it together (the more the merrier, no?). They were stressed too, so all of us in the room were stressed lulz. But they're way stresser than me as their mounting accidently broke, starting with Niena, then followed by Cikinot and Wani and they have to redo it. Only mine was alhamdulillah selamat sihat walafiat phew.

I then handled my mounting so freaking gently. (The tense is real!) So Cikinot wisedly opened youtube and search for 'zikir terapi untuk stress' while Niena made a jug of coffee for us all :)))

I finally finished doing the preparation thingy around 12am. So I can proceed revise the lecture notes for written exam (sumpah banyak doh). 

*banging head* 

Since they haven't finished yet, I read the notes aloud. I'm such a good housemate *emoji flying angel*
I slept at 2 am, and so Wani. Subuh is on 3,30am, pipol. And Cikinot was the only survivor (she didnt sleep that nighttt!). Once I woke up for Subuh prayer, Cikinot just finished doing those things. Shes so strong *wipe tears* :')


In the previous post, I stated that the exam duration will be 2 hours, no? But the doctor then changed it into 2 hours and half alhamdulillah.  I hurt myself multiple times, accidently put the hot knife on my fingers, whatnot. And I dont have time to care on that, imma strong gal *emoji lengan ada bicep tricep besaq* 

What I did was immersing my hand in the water inside that green bowl. Once the hurt faded by 0.01%, I continued setting the teeth. 2 hours and half still a big deal for me despite my super artistic hand, guys -_-

Once the time is over, I havent finished beautify and polish the wax (read: gum). I barely panicked but when I turned around, it was not just me didnt finished, phew.

"Put your denture down. The time is over"

-everyone, simultaneously-

"You need extra time?"

-everyone, again, simultaneously-

And we got 15 mins extra time, alhamdulillah. Thankyou doctors :D

This is my masterpiece, pipol (in which I stated earlier hahah). Ohhh and theres the green bowl!
*open hat, bow*

I'm not that satisfied but overall, I am not disappointed as the occlusion went right, alhamdulillah. I've done my best in shaa Allah, and now its time to let the rest to Allah. 

before submitting

So the end of prosthodontics torture part I. See you next semester!
My next exam will be on this Saturday; Microbiology (ha yang ni pun banyak gila nak kena hadam ya tohaaaaan) Nasib baik gap lama je, alhamdulillah. 

I got 4 papers to go, pray for me. Pray for us. May all excel in this semester, ameen.
And see you next time, reader(s). Thankyou for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen! :]

notakaki I: Subject prostho ada sampai final year. I JUST KNEW IT. *faint*
notakaki II: Remember the nasi dagang that I pre-ordered? It was so freaking delicious and I couldnt even stop sniffing my hand after eating! 

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  1. dentistry is totally not my thang but the teeth look good mia haha

    1. @iman khadijah;

      hahahhah hai keiiiii! hope the marks will be good as well :'))


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