Salaaaamun alaykum. Hi people!

Kecoh en. Tukar header pun kecoh. Well, that makes me an Amirah *lap hingus*
(Not all Amirah liddis, people. It was just me. Sorry to all Amirah out there!)

Btw, I've been that excited as I havent changed my header since 2012 or 2013.
Today is 2016, gaiss. 2016!! Almost 3 to 4 years I didnt moved on. A very looooooong time phew.

And the most exciting part is;
this is my first ever own design header *popping balloons*

I did it all by myself!! (Hey even my hands were so stiff on prostho exam, I still can make a fab header kay, do not underestimate the power of my magic hands *flipping shawl*)
As for the previous header, I won it on a give away. I was totally in love with that header because there were eiffel tower and camera icon put there (thats why I took so long to change it herherher).
And it was designed by Budak Vanilla, if I'm not mistaken. That header was sooooooo lovely but I just think that I need some changes here :D

For editing, I only used the PicsArt apps  on my phone and editing this only took one hour and half. So you can design your own header too! Go download it nowwww)
Plus, PicsArt has lots of bombastic features and clip arts that you'll feels like you wanna use them all hahah (or it was just me............-_-')

But be sure of your header's width and length so that your design will suit it place. Anddd be sure that you design it in the transparent mode, and save it in the png. file. And fadaaaah your own design header is ready to be used! Yeaaayyy!!

I think thats all for now! (Its the 3rd post for this month. Are you serious, Amirah?!) I am breaking my record for this year, people. Weeeeeeee \O/

Oh, I have 3 papers to go before flying home. Pray for me can answers all the exam questions with flying colours! Ameen. My next paper is on this Saturday. 20 topics are included and I just gave a glance on them hahah #prayforme #mohonsedardiri

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :]

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