Short April update!


Salaaaamun alaykum people!

Um, hi? Its 12.53am as my fingers dancing over the keyboard. I just finished eating nasi lemak and hot peach tea whew.

*throwing pompom all over the room*

You're one step towards not fitting your baju raya, Amirah! *picking up the pompom one by one*

I was soooo freaking hungry as I eat nothing (read: nasi) for lunch. My diet schedule was miserable these days ugh. I'm not following my usual meal time. And yeah, hello gastritis!
Actually I just got back from Tafaqquh (an occasional islamic event every Thursday night) and I didnt took my dinner before that so yeah I pampered my stomach by having a midnight nasi lemak lelz.

And here I am writing up some words as I cant sleep with full stomach or else I will wake up with bloated belly and nausea tomorrow. No, please. I want my Friday be a productive daaay as that is the only off day I have. Productive here means sihat sejahtera walafiat so that I can clean up my room, do my home duties, settle the laundry, pamper myself with scrub, shampoo, conditioner and whatnot, and do all the sunnah things :D

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm in the amidst of exam (bila je tak exam lulz). Currently facing midterm, my last paper will be on this Monday, and then follows by Quiz 2 exam. My first final exam paper turn out to be on 24th April which is only 2 weeks away! #pray4amirah

Pehh *lap peluh*

Weeks ago (2 weeks, if I'm not mistaken), Biro Pembangunan Insan held this one competition to attract people towards their next event, SC gabungan dentist. The theme was about beautiful women in Islam. Each contestant should post a picture with a nice caption and the official hashtag; #beautifulwomeninislam and #SCgabungandentist must be included. And guess what?

I joined! Whew

"Your value as a woman is not measured by the size of your waist or the number of men who like you. Your worth as a human being is measured on a higher scale -- of righteousness and piety.

And that is how beautiful women in Islam is defined smile emoticon"

#beautifulwomeninislam #scgabungandentist

And the winner was announced on the event itself (was held last Wednesday).
Guess whaaat? (once again hahahah)

I won the first place!

Alhamdulillaaah. I never thought of winning that contest as my caption way too short compared to other contestants hahah. And Mimi (my SC mate & classmate) won the second place. Alhamdulillah our SC group, Sweet Cookies conquer the contest wehuuuuuu *throwing flowers all over the place*

Alright. I think thats all for now. Banyak lagi senanye nak cerita tapi lain kali ah hahahah kbye!
Thanks for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :D


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