One semester passed!


Salaaaaaamun alaykum and ola people! 
(was typing this shivering-ly under my sweater brrrr)

Its finally winter break, pipoooool! I'm freeeeezanggg k over padahal takdelah sampai bersalji pun Alex ni heheheheh. 

Soooooo, I updated nothing for this semester except for one little-emotional post. Awful little amirah here, I know. I was busy with my very last semester for pre-clinical years. Need to catch up everything while finishing all the requirements. Was exhausted mentally and physically. I finally finished my preclinical years a couple days ago alhamdulillah. May I get the best result, ameen! Will do a proper so-called 'Hello clinical years' post laytah inshaAllah. Moga Amirah rajin *cough*

Lemme show you a sneak peek on what I have done throughout this semester:

Ini design untuk gigi palsu partial denture (orang yang masih ada gigi, tapi dah tercabut beberapa gigi)
Haaaaaa tang ni sampai luka luka tangan duk main bengkok kan wire ni haa. Keraih baq ang!
Ni pun untuk partial denture

Ni sama macam gambaq atas, tapi dari angle lain

Ini subjek operative. Yang tampal simen kat gigi berlubang hehe.
 (the grey one is a cement called amalgam. I need to drill the tooth, following a definite shape (bentuk dia dah tetap ikut gigi apa. kalau ni gigi 2nd molar bawah, so bentuk dia cross) pastu bila dah buat lubang cavity, masukkan simen amalgam ni. Ada masa 3 minit je nak isi pastu kemaskan ikut bentuk asal gigi sebelum amalgam mengeras)

*Oh ye. Do notice my pink gloves as well, they made my day every section-day hahhaahahhaha*

Thats it sedikit sebanyak. Ada banyak lagi senanye nak tunjuk tapi semua gambar still dalam phone pastu malas transfer lagi sebab cable masalah so thats it eheh. 

Back to reality --
Gosh I need to prepare myself reaaaaaaally really well before entering the clinical years as it will be much much much more stressful and harder than before. That's why I decided not to go out and having fun yada yada this winter break. C'mon, I only have 2 weeks for break and settle down errthang. My winter break wishlist is full with unfinished task that I have to settle it ASAP phew.
Plus Kei is coming over early Jan inshaAllah and that is my escapade, and I'm all happy! 

In a blink, I've encountered 5 semesters in dental school, left with another 5. There you go, halfway of the degree journey. Yet the hardest is coming. I finally come to a start, of a real circumstance of a dental school. Dealing with real people, as a patient I mean. No more drilling plastic tooth inside a dummy head, but real tooth inside real people's mouth. Things aren't getting any better when it comes to Arabs people. Different culture, different language. Everything is a new challenge, new adventure for me. All I can do now is keep praying that I am strong enough to adapt myself into the system.

What a serious post I've wrote today hahahah. But future me will be reading this one day, and I hope she is already an iron lady in this journey :D
Behold, future me!




There are certain things didnt worked out as we thought it would be.

I am currently in the amidst of busiest term of the semester. With one month left, yet we still didnt have our quiz 2 and final exam as well as practical exam. With tons of unfinished requirements mashaAllah I....... I feels like quitting from everything.

dearest diary

The brake didnt work!


I. Was. Bringing. My. Nenek. *faint*

My heart skipped two beats. Yesterday, I happened to accompany my nenek (which I called her as 'Ma') for her appointment in KBMC Hospital, since everyone was so busy. #cucumithali

Alhamdulillah everything went well, until we were on our way home.
The car (which is her car, just she can't really drive these days bcs of her back pain) was having problem with its brake. So Ma told my uncle to repair it as I will be using it yesterday. And yes he did brought the car to mechanics.

But I still having no confidence to rock the car, my guts says no to me. So I drove reaaaaally carefully.

My guts didnt wrong, guys.

On our way home, I was driving and having some nenek-cucu talks with her, and suddenly a car before us decelerating and almost stop. I pressed on the brake pedal, but still, the tyres rolling with the same speed. The brake wasnt functioning! *insert drumrolls cerita indon*

"Ma brek tok makan ni gano ni"
*starts panic*

"Heh ah sudoh. Bwk slow2 lah" *immediately praying*

See the difference? -_-

The brake didnt work, as if I am stepping on nothing. I put my effort to push the pedal till it really on it end, and finally the car decelerating! (But not stop). I can reach the brake, but I have to push it till the end. Sampai rapat gila. Luckily I was driving on a slow speed on that time. And nothing happened, alhamdulillah.

After few kilometres, the brake gained its conciousness. I dont know how and why, it just....happened. I think it may be bcs of Ma's prayer :')))

Again, alhamdulillah.
Maybe thats a sign from Him for me to not rocking any car afterwards :')

We safely arrived home. Later that evening, my uncle came by, and asking on the car. He said that the mechanic wasnt change the brake yet.

I was like, WUTTT?
Hey, he shouldve told us! Told Ma, at least. If I knew it from the beginning, I would be super careful. Or maybe finding another solution; pakai kereta lain ke apa ke. Ish. Sebbaik nyawa panjang lagi setakat ni -_-

What happen, happened. Let it go, but not the lessons. And lessons learned!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :]


Istanbul Mighah Maghi


Salaaaaaaaamun Alaykum and haiiii people!

Post ni panjang gila namatey. Kalau malas nak baca, scroll je lah gambar gambar (rajen taw aku letak watermark bagai ni hahahahah #amirahmajusetapak )


Its been 2 months since I went there. MashaAllah sisturrrrrrr *emoji urut kepala*
I should start writing the Istanbul trip now before the details slowly fading away (it is fading, tbh) :')
Are you ready guys? Lets begin!

We safely landed at Istanbul Ataturk Airport around 6.00am, 25 May 2016. Alhamdulillah.
Masa tu memang dah cerah sebab subuh awal. Pukul 3 lagi dah subuh *wipe tears*

Some tips;

Kat sana, senang sebab Malaysian tak perlu susah susah nak buat visa. Guna visa on arrival je dah boleh berfoya foya satu Turkey dengan senang hati ehe. Turun daripada flight, nanti kalau dah jumpa Information Centre terus gi tanya, takyah memandai ikut kepala sendiri nanti jadi macam kitorang, sesat dalam airport :')

VOA ni ada limit dia. 3 bulan kalau tak silap. Maka bolehlah berjimba jimba 3 bulan wehuuuuu *popping balloons*

Boleh je nak tukar duit semasa kita (contohnya duit semasa aku -- LE) ke USD before fly, pastu sampai je airport dekat sana gi tukar duit Lira dekat money changer. Tapi aku ni jenis pemalas tahap taktau nak cakap, aku cash out je duit daripada atm kat airport. Takyah gi money changer tukar2 duit bagai hohhohoho. Dasar.

Kat belakang tu money changer. Since aku dah kuarkan duit from atm, bolehlah berselfiaq sat hohho! 

1 Lira = RM 1.34 (ikut tukaran semasa)

Dari airport saaampai ke airport balik, kitorang naik tram je. Guna kad Akram dengan kad Kak Amnas. Sorang sekali naik kena bayar 2 Lira lebih. Aku tak ingat dah berapa sen (bahana delay lama sangat nak tulis, otak dah karat). Senang sebab tram ni lalu dekat kawasan pelancongan.

Ni tram from airport, Kat stesen ni kitorang kena tukar tram yang akan lalu kawasan pelancongan.

Ni dekat stesen tram. Tu ada nampak sikit tram hahah (yang lalu kawasan pelancongan)

Tu ada nama stesen stesen (in which aku fail nak sebut nama nama tempat tu hahahah)

Actually there was 10 of us before we separated into an unbalanced fraction, 6-4. 
6 decided to explore places around Istanbul and 4 decided to be in the hotel and only buying some stuffs from the Grand Bazaar.

Ni aku dengan geng yang tak ikut gi jenjalan dengan Akram.
(from left) Nadia, aku, Farhana, Aida.
Yang omputeh tu tashape shape tah.

Since our transit was 12 hours, we were offered by Turkish Airline whether we want hotel or tour. But the 6 of us chose Akram over the choices! Hahahah. And the rest 4 chose the hotel. 


The 6 of us were:
 Me (yang paling cantik)
 Zawani (pakai purdah)
 Niegynna (in pink)
 Wawa (in white)
 Ruby (baju merah)
 Kak Amnas (in grey kat belakang tu, shes in the 4th year)

(in which sepatutnya kat bawah sekali tapi ugh who careeez)
Thankgodness there was Akram who we can count on to guide us touring Istanbul. He once a student there (belajar bahasa dulu setahun, baru boleh masuk uni sana sebab bahasa dia mashaAllah sepatah haram cara nak sebut pun aku tak paham), but then Turkey changed some policies which prevent him and his classmates from entering universities there, and now he is currently furthering dentistry in Alexandria (my faculty). 

the only gambar Akram (proper) yang aku ada hahahah ampunnn. yap hes in bluee.
dari belakang pun jadi lah ~

Bahasa mudahnya, dia junior kitorang lah skang ni. Okay people, lets dive straight into the story.


Around 8 am, kitorang keluar airport (Akram jemput). Dari airport tu kitorang naik tram ke rumah kawan Akram untuk letak bag. Senanya plan nak letak dekat hotel sbb Turkish Airline kan ada kasi tawaran. 
Tapi bila fikir balik, takut hotel tu jauh dari tempat yang kitorang nak gi so macam susah sket en hehe. Maka rumah kawan Akram jadi mangsa tempat letak bag2 kitorang hahah. Ala takde benda sangat pun, handcarry jeee. (Tapi handcarry aku luggage kecik ............................)

Lepas siap letak bag (dah bahagia sebab bawak handbag dgn kamera je) Akram bawak gi brekfes wuhuuu! Makanan dia aku lupa nama, tapi dia ala ala roti canai yang di-rolled pastu ada inti kat dalam. Boleh pilih either cheese, potato, atau gula)

ni diaa makanannya. atas tu yang cheese, bawah tu yang gula (bertaburan)

Ni kat dalam kedai (before makanan sampai)

Then minum teh. Yang special kat sini, gula dia dalam bentuk kiub. Comel ilerrr rasa nak bawak balik (jakun, boo)

Gambar ni ihsan google sebab tak amik gambar gula cube hahahah sia sia punya jakun. cis.
Tapi memang sebiji dengan yang aku jumpa haritu. Teh pun sama (gelas dia). Unik en? xD

1st destination: Blue Mosque

Lepastu kitorang gerak, naik tram ke Blue Mosque. Blue Mosque ni entrance dia free je, so kitorang masuk.

 Dipanggil Blue Mosque sebab interior dia warna biru. Mostly lah. Taklah semua dinding warna biru hehe. Cantik dia subhanallah walhamdulillah mashaAllah! Mebeles.

Ni replika Blue Mosque :D

Haa ni lah kat dalam dia. Nampak tak tetingkap dia pun warna biru biru gitu? Warna dinding dia tak nampak sangat dalam gambar sebab gelap en. Tapi memang sumpah lawa gila binaan dia.

Pastu yang unik kat masjid ni, ada satu pagar ni khas untuk Sultan masuk. Zaman tu Sultan berkuda. Pastu ada macam rantai rantai kat pintu gerbang tu, menyebabkan Sultan kena tunduk masa nak masuk, menunjukkan Sultan tunduk hormat dan taat kepada Allah.

Ni lah pintu gerbang nak masuknyaa. Nampak tak rantai tu eheee.

2nd Destination: Hagia Sophia

Lepas tu kitorang gerak ke Hagia Sophia. Tak jauh pun, dia berhadapan je dengan Blue Mosque. Hagia Sophia ni kena bayar, so kitorang tak masuk (ni trip bajet hahahahahahah. Nak masuk len kali lah. Maybe datang lagi kot, sambil melawat other side of Turkey ke cewah. InshaAllah)

Hagia Sophia ni dulu gereja. Pastu zaman Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh, dia dijadikan masjid. Segala tanda cross & yang berunsur gereja ditutup dan digantung kalimah2 Allah & nama Nabi. Dia tak buang, dia tutup je hehe. Pastu sekarang (since zaman kejatuhan khilafah Uthmaniah), dia dijadikan muzium. Yg ditutup tu semua dorang bukak balik, tapi kalimah2 Allah tu tak dibuang. Jadi ada tanda 2 agama kat situ. 

Eh kata tak masuk(?)

Kekekeke. Tak masuk, tapi tour guide bertauliah kitorang yang bagi penerangan, cerita itu cerita ini. Jadi tau lah serba sedikit hiks.

Lepas tu kitorang lepak lepak jap (read: photoshoot) di antara 2 tempat tu, kat tetengah. Ada air terjun, kerusi banyak dan bunga bunga yang mekar! Kebetulan tengah spring en, lawa iler.

Pastu kat depan Hagia Sophia tu ada kedai jual aiskrim. So kitorang pun gi beli. The best part was, pakcik jual aiskrim tu memain pulak acah acah nak kasi pastu amik balik eskrem -_-
Fefeeling Lisa Surihani dalam Istanbul Aku Datang jap :')

Ni kedai dia. Pakcik tu yang pakai baju putih ~

ni eskrem dia!

Lepastuuu, masa yang ditunggu tunggu Niena! (Osmet paling suka shopping).

3rd destination: Grand Bazaar

Wehuuu shopping timeeeeh! Nak gi sana, kitorang naik tram lagi. Tak jauh pun, 2 stesen je dah sampai. Kalau jalan kaki pun boleh je senanye tapi since Wawa baru lepas operate, so takleh jalan sangat lagi, maka kitorang naik tram je. Lagipun aku gatal gi pakai kasut baru. Sakit gila kaki tapi buat taktau je sebab nak jalan hahah. 

Ni salah satu pintu masuk dia

Grand Bazaar ni ada lebih daripada 4000 kedai kat dalam tu. Banyak gila kannnn! I need more time to explore only for Grand Bazaar :')
Anddd, Grand Bazaar ni antara Bazaar tertua jugak. Memang pergh ah masuk, semua nak beli. Ada jual tudung, lampu cantik cantik, bag, and whatnot.

Lebih kurang ni lah kat dalam dia. Rambang mato den xD

Nasib baik kitorang gi dengan Akram sebab dia kan reti cakap bahasa Turki. Pastu orang kat kedai tu macam dah kenal Akram (mb dia selalu bwk org yg dia guide gi kedai tu kot).
So kitorang dapat harga yang perghhh murah. Alhamdulillaaaah. Jimat ya habibiy!

Pastu boleh kata setiap kedai yg kitorang singgah, tuan kedai akan jamu teh. For free, of course! Macam macam perisa laktu sampai delima pun ada. Paling suka -- perisa apple.

Ni teh delima. Ada macam hampas hampas delima siap :')

Last kedai kat bazaar yang kitorang singgah; kedai manisan. Manis iler manisan dia :')

Ni kedai dia. Banyak kan manisan! Rambang mata wey

Ni coklaaaaaat!!!!! (hantuk kepala dekat bantal)

4th destination: Restaurant!

Dah penat jalan jalan pusing semua, mestilah lapar. Penat tu letak tepi sebab enjoy (jetjet).
Pastu Akram bawak kitorang gi makan ayam golek weeee ~~

Ni menu dia. Wey cane nak sebut weyy

Sorang tu bajet habis dalam 15 Lira untuk satu hidangan -- nasi + ayam + acar (lah sangat) + air kosong. Sedap iler. Tak tipu. Dengan rempah dia tu, pastu ayam lembut. Rasa nak makan lagi *lap air liur*

Ni ayam goleknya :')

Kenyang dah, maka kitorang pun gerak ke rumah kawan Akram. Masa tu lebih kurang pukul 4.30pm. Flight pukul 6pm. Nak sumbat barang2 shopping dalam bag lagi ni hahahah kalut sikit. Lepas pack barang (alhamdulillah semua muat2 je masuk bag. Aku tambah satu bag extra :3)

Pastu kitorang gerak gi airport, saying farewell dekat Akram (since dia akan stay untuk beberapa hari lagi), then masuk check in. 

Ni pintu keluar Grand Bazaar senanye. Tapi aku nak tunjuk word baru yang aku belajar (dan ingat) --
Cikis. Maksud dia Exit, Hahahah ada la jugak improvement datang Turki en :')

Güle güle Istanbul *emoji flying heart*

Boarding, pastu fly 8 jam, around 10.30am 26 May 2016 selamat sampai Malaysia, alhamdulillaah. Yang lain semua family dah sampai, kecuali aku farhana wawa & illyas.
Pukul 2.40pm, aku dengan farhana naik flight balik kelate, wawa dengan illyas balik ganu.

And alhamdulillaah, we safely arrived :)

Before saying our farewell! Gambar ni best sebab expression Niena tu mahal hahahhah.
Kalau Niena tau aku letak gambo ni kat sini mati aku xD

Tu je ceritanya. Susah betul nak mengarang asek delay je manjang *tonyoh kepala sendiri*

Oh ye. Aku actually banyak gila record vid daripada amik gambo. Tapi guna phone je lah, amik gambo guna camera. Aku memang plan nak edit satu video, since aku tengah belajar cara nak edit (becoming a pro soon, in shaa Allah). Tapi masalah dia dalam laptop aku takde segala adobe sebab aku pakai notebook. Selama ni main redah guna yang Cikinot je hahahaah.
Doakan aku berjaya siapkan video tu, gaiss. Will notify here once its done, in shaa Allah :))

K guys, thanks for reading! (If you are)

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen!

Nota kaki: Im going back to Egypt soon, by Turkish Airline and will transit in Istanbul for about 7 hours. Pray for Turkey, and pray for me & my friends safety too! May Allah protect us all, entirely. Ameen.

dearest diary

The never-invited


Salaaamun alaykum and haii people!

Nooo its not the istanbul post yet i havent finished writing that part hihuhu (was so lazy and having no mood mashaAllah sisturrr).
And oh ya. Selamat Hari Raya!

Yesterday, the never-invited migrain came. And as usual, I sleep. Taking pain killer, or any pills is so not me. Except if and only if the pill is reaaaallly small in size. In which bila telan tak rase pape pun. Contohnya ubat allergic (loratadine). I cant handle big size pills. Lagi rela kena cucuk :')
Even panadol, I have to break it into 4 parts, and swallow it part by part. And each one part will take around 30 mins before passing my throat. Teruk en, i know :'))

Back to the story. Ya know, kalau kena migrain, then kita amik inisiatif nak tido, then tido tu tak cukup -- will worsen the pain. Sakit tu lagi berganda.
And yes, aku tersedar sebab guruh kuat iler, kain jemuran belum angkat. Bangun terus berlari gi angkat kain. Masa tengah angkat, I almost fainted. Rasa dunia bergoyang pastu sakit gila kepala. Tapi sebab dah nak hujan ribut, me got no choice kecuali angkat semua kain cecepat.

Lepas tutup tingkap semua, I laid on my bed. The pain is real. Then sambung tidur. Tersedar balik pukul 6pm. I took my bath, hoping that the pain will be lesser than before. But nooo its not :')

After maghrib, I tried to take some pills. As my stomach was empty, I made a mug of milo anddd cicah dengan roti. Then I tried to eat Uphamol (this one is better bcs i hv to take only 1 pill, compared to paracetamol kena makan 2 biji).
Anddd guess what. I VOMITTED.
(Im sorry milo, I love you, will not vomit u out anymoree)

Then I goes back to sleep (i cant even sleep actually). I was just laying on the bed, and keep shuddering in pain. Masa migrain tetiba semua benda jadi nak fikir sampaikan nama hospital dalam cerita The Doctors pun aku nak pikir - "is it Kerikil or Kuril or Keril?"


I really wanted to google the name but I cant see any slight of light, even the phone's light. So I decided to check it out later, which only makes my head aching even more and more! Sigh.

Ive mentioned that I shuddered in pain, no? Do you know what I keep shouting?


I laid on the right side. Then on the left side. And I sat down. Everything was not relieving the pain. Until suddenly;

My room door was knocked. And someone opened it from outside.

"Sakit sangat ko?"

It was Umi. Yes. Hearing her voice makes the pain lesser. And minutes later, I can sleep. Its magic, isnt is? :')

Compared to those time when migrain attacked me in Egypt. Even my housemates came and picit picit kepala, the pain just dont go away easily like this. I need umi by myside 24/7, can ah?

Oh ye. Sangat tidak patut migrain serang time cuti ceni en? I mean, I am not in a stressful condition. Nothing stress me, peopleeee why the never-invited migrain visited meee?

Geez, lupa. I am getting fat. Day by day. Hour by hour. Minutes by minutes. Second by second. I think that stress me out hahahahah kbye.

Selamat hari raya gais!
(My umi screaming for my help now, gotta go, xoxo!)

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :D

dearest diary

The end of Tahun 2 Pergigian & Ladies Night!


Salaaaamun alaykum and hai \O/

I am currently sitting on a chair, by my grandmama's side. She is laying on a bed. Hospital bed, to be truth.
She was warded since yesterday bcs of cellulitis on her hand, and I accompanied her last night. Sebab aku soghang ja takdak kerja pastu takdak anak nak jaga pastu takdak benda nak buat pastu tak perlu nak fikir pasal study dah. (with no internet as my malaysia's sim card is missing and I havent buying a new one, I survived!!)

And she is currently doing well, dont worry :)
#cucumithalipandaijaganenek :)))

And last morning I witness a death. There is a nenek, which warded yesterday bcs of short breathness. Alfatihah to her.

Wait, grandmama?
YES I AM HOME, GAIS. I'M HOME. I'M HOMEEEEEEH!!! Weeeeeehu *jejoget*


Well, actually I was at home since last week. My flight to Kelantan had safely landed last Thursday, alhamdulillah. And I also have passed my jet lag phase, alhamdulillah. No more bangun pukul 1pm pastu cakap "Iolls bangun pukul 7 pagi kay (jetjet ikut waktu Egypt pui)"

My very last paper turned out to be on 22nd of May, which was Operative Dentistry.
That night (a.k.a malam merdeka), my batch organised a 'Ladies Night' themed 'Gadis Melayu Terakhir'. All of us have to wear whether a plain shirt with kain batik, or baju kelawar. #hidopteamkelawar *shaking pompom*

Anddd not forget for hair!!!
Longer hair must be braided and for the shorter one, have to wear scarf or some pins or ikat pokok kelapa or anything yang nampak gurly gurly sikit.
Gadis melayu angat :')

Everyone have to participate the games (at least one). The games; makeup & singing competition yeay!! And everyone is a jury & had a chance to judge.

Guess which game I participated??
Ofcourse makeup. My voice way too good for singing. Masuk kang kalah orang lain :')))
Lagipun I have passion on makeup since I was a kid (minat mekap muka orang je tapi, muka sendiri tak sebab sayang takut kulit rosak kekeke kbye)

My partner (which I put the makeup on her face) was Niena. Takde org lain dah, memang selalunya Niena akan jadi mangsa try and error aku kat rumah lepas tengok tutorial hahahah sorry Na!
Lagipun dia memang suka kalau orang mekap muka dia, aku apa lagi gais. Golden chance, gais. Must grab, gais.

Oh oh. Before all the competitions started, we had our movie time! The movie chosen; The Bride Wars. I've watched it before, but watching it berjemaah way more fun!

Overall, I had so much fun. No, we all had! We need more activity like this :D
We spent a night together before saying our goodbyes. The next day, we made our separate ways. Ada yang nak pindah rumah, ada yang nak ke Cairo (last speed punya shopping), ada yang nak kemas rumah, ada nak kemas luggage.

Sorry for not having a proper picture for the programme, bcs all of us were not properly covering our aurah. Ada je gambaq, tapi takleh nak post hewhew.
Lets keep it as our the end of our 2nd year's memory :)

See y'all in our 3rd year!
(Omgee dah nak masuk 3rd year *kibas kibas tangan*)

Soooooo, okay thats it for now. Will update on my #amirahberhoholiday to Istanbul next time in shaa Allah. #istanbulmighahmaghi gitew ha. (Doakan kerajinan seorang amirah plis)
Stay tune!! Thanks for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen.

P/S: pray for my grandmama's health :)
P/S II: next week dah masuk Ramadhan. Happy fasting, everyoneeee!

blog stuffs



Salaaaamun alaykum. Hi people!

Kecoh en. Tukar header pun kecoh. Well, that makes me an Amirah *lap hingus*
(Not all Amirah liddis, people. It was just me. Sorry to all Amirah out there!)

Btw, I've been that excited as I havent changed my header since 2012 or 2013.
Today is 2016, gaiss. 2016!! Almost 3 to 4 years I didnt moved on. A very looooooong time phew.

And the most exciting part is;
this is my first ever own design header *popping balloons*

I did it all by myself!! (Hey even my hands were so stiff on prostho exam, I still can make a fab header kay, do not underestimate the power of my magic hands *flipping shawl*)
As for the previous header, I won it on a give away. I was totally in love with that header because there were eiffel tower and camera icon put there (thats why I took so long to change it herherher).
And it was designed by Budak Vanilla, if I'm not mistaken. That header was sooooooo lovely but I just think that I need some changes here :D

For editing, I only used the PicsArt apps  on my phone and editing this only took one hour and half. So you can design your own header too! Go download it nowwww)
Plus, PicsArt has lots of bombastic features and clip arts that you'll feels like you wanna use them all hahah (or it was just me............-_-')

But be sure of your header's width and length so that your design will suit it place. Anddd be sure that you design it in the transparent mode, and save it in the png. file. And fadaaaah your own design header is ready to be used! Yeaaayyy!!

I think thats all for now! (Its the 3rd post for this month. Are you serious, Amirah?!) I am breaking my record for this year, people. Weeeeeeee \O/

Oh, I have 3 papers to go before flying home. Pray for me can answers all the exam questions with flying colours! Ameen. My next paper is on this Saturday. 20 topics are included and I just gave a glance on them hahah #prayforme #mohonsedardiri

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :]


Hikayat Removable Prosthodontics I exam


Salaaaaaamun alaykum. And hi \O/

It's me agaaainn, pipol. I've posted 2 post within one week omgeeeee wheres the cheesy-jetjet busy Amirah gone? *rolling eyes*

Well actually I just wanna share my prosthodontics masterpiece (lah sangat) that I've submitted on practical exam weeeeee!! I only had 2 days gap before prosthodontics exam (after exam Pharmacology yang sumpah banyak gila namatey nama ubat nak kena hafal)
***Do note that my faculty is unique -- no study leavesssss!

Can you imagine how stress I was? 

The practical exam was on the same day as the written exam. For practical, we have to bring our mounting (warna putih, macam simen tu yang lekatkan study cast (biru) dengan articulator) with the wax rim (pink, kira macam dia tu gusi). 

"Everything have to be prepared at home, you just have to come and set the teeth."

Ni ha rupa dia yang aku bawak gi exam. Macam gigi orang tua - takde gigi, hanya gusi semata.

The day before the exam, I was stressed out. Tons of unread notes, and unfinished occlusal rim.
So I decided to go out, and have a random walk on my own. I was so lucky that Alexandria or specifically my house is so near to the sea. And yeah, my foot finally decided to stop there. I sat by the seaside, and calmly witness the sunset of the day :) 

Oh, and also chocolate bars haunting after that hahahaha. Chocolates are one of those stress reliever! 
(and its a faaaact)

Diet who?

And this is the viewwwwww
That night, I started to work on the preparation for practical exam. Niena, Cikinot, and Wani came into my room and we did it together (the more the merrier, no?). They were stressed too, so all of us in the room were stressed lulz. But they're way stresser than me as their mounting accidently broke, starting with Niena, then followed by Cikinot and Wani and they have to redo it. Only mine was alhamdulillah selamat sihat walafiat phew.

I then handled my mounting so freaking gently. (The tense is real!) So Cikinot wisedly opened youtube and search for 'zikir terapi untuk stress' while Niena made a jug of coffee for us all :)))

I finally finished doing the preparation thingy around 12am. So I can proceed revise the lecture notes for written exam (sumpah banyak doh). 

*banging head* 

Since they haven't finished yet, I read the notes aloud. I'm such a good housemate *emoji flying angel*
I slept at 2 am, and so Wani. Subuh is on 3,30am, pipol. And Cikinot was the only survivor (she didnt sleep that nighttt!). Once I woke up for Subuh prayer, Cikinot just finished doing those things. Shes so strong *wipe tears* :')


In the previous post, I stated that the exam duration will be 2 hours, no? But the doctor then changed it into 2 hours and half alhamdulillah.  I hurt myself multiple times, accidently put the hot knife on my fingers, whatnot. And I dont have time to care on that, imma strong gal *emoji lengan ada bicep tricep besaq* 

What I did was immersing my hand in the water inside that green bowl. Once the hurt faded by 0.01%, I continued setting the teeth. 2 hours and half still a big deal for me despite my super artistic hand, guys -_-

Once the time is over, I havent finished beautify and polish the wax (read: gum). I barely panicked but when I turned around, it was not just me didnt finished, phew.

"Put your denture down. The time is over"

-everyone, simultaneously-

"You need extra time?"

-everyone, again, simultaneously-

And we got 15 mins extra time, alhamdulillah. Thankyou doctors :D

This is my masterpiece, pipol (in which I stated earlier hahah). Ohhh and theres the green bowl!
*open hat, bow*

I'm not that satisfied but overall, I am not disappointed as the occlusion went right, alhamdulillah. I've done my best in shaa Allah, and now its time to let the rest to Allah. 

before submitting

So the end of prosthodontics torture part I. See you next semester!
My next exam will be on this Saturday; Microbiology (ha yang ni pun banyak gila nak kena hadam ya tohaaaaan) Nasib baik gap lama je, alhamdulillah. 

I got 4 papers to go, pray for me. Pray for us. May all excel in this semester, ameen.
And see you next time, reader(s). Thankyou for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen! :]

notakaki I: Subject prostho ada sampai final year. I JUST KNEW IT. *faint*
notakaki II: Remember the nasi dagang that I pre-ordered? It was so freaking delicious and I couldnt even stop sniffing my hand after eating! 


Short May update! (& SC Sweet Cookies' sweet moments)


Salaaaaamun alaykum. And hi people!

Another short update here hiks. And its May! Yeaaaaaay I finally can scream out my lungs "bulan ni balik wehhh"  and blissfully marks the calendar counting the days xD

*shaking pompom*

BUT before that. Phew. Another 5 panglima pahlawan papers to fight. Paper here means subject, and one subject comes with its special extra bonus lab session. Pray for me :')

*shaking pompom sluggishly*

My next paper will be Prosthodontics (read: gigi palsu). Frankly, we have to set the teeth in the articulator (for the lab exam) within 2 freaking hours ONLY. I still can't figure out how I can survive, thinking of my 'great' hand work on every lab session in which I took almost the whole 2 hours just to set one, or if I was lucky, two teeth. We adult have 32 teeth, guys and I AM SO DEAD!

ni masa baru letak 2 batang gigi

Ni before tunjuk dekat Dr abt my progression

After showing my progression -- kena baiki teroxxx 

The one in which I was holding -- Dr's touch. Lawa en ;')
While the one yang tergolek kat bawah tu was mine -_-

(I update almost everything on my snapchat hahhah mana privacyyyyy)

Well, lets hoping for the best!


Cut the exam story, ehem. 

Last week, was The Odyssey Week (a campaign promoting SC). There were numerous activity held and organized by Mentor Council Unit. One of them was; Alex Got Talent. (Only for akhawat // mahasiswi // gegirls)

That evening before the Alex Got Talent event, we were having supposedly having our SC.
The plan was; 

We were going to surprise Aida for her belated birthday. And guess what?

The belated birthday girl was actually a sleeping beauty in disguise. She was laying on her bed, sleeping while we were sitting besides the freshly baked chocolate cake, waiting for her to come  -_-

So, the plan changed. One hour prior to the competition (Alex Got Talent), we decided to register our group as one of the contestant! Our supposedly-SC session had changed into a practise session. Downloading the minus one, dividing the song's verse and part, and practicing. We prepared everything within only 1 hour OMG how we managed thaaaaat I kennot brain but we did it!

We sang 2 song, which were Kasih Kekasih by Inteam & Ruang Rindu by Letto.

And of course, with 1 hour preparation, who would expect to win. We do enjoy that night mashaAllah all the exam stress flew awaaay. Its not the victory that we were aiming for. But something more valuable; THE SUPER GIFT -- ukhuwwah and memories.

And for the closing ceremony, top 3 best SC group was announced and alhamdulillah we managed to be one of them. Saaaaayang Sweet Cookies!

ni SC Sweet Cookies versi tak cukup korum. Terserlah sape paling tinggi -__-

Okaaay ni versi cukup korum hiks!

Kakak SC - Kak Lina & Kak Syeda
Sisters SC - Mimi Aifaa Wani Aimi Wawa Aida

Thats all for now. Thankyou for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :)

notakaki: I ordered nasi dagang ikan Terengganu and it will be delivered tomorrow inshaAllah yeaayyy can't wait! (dont care about weight anymore. Nasi dagang for life!) *tabur bunga bunga*

Short April update!


Salaaaamun alaykum people!

Um, hi? Its 12.53am as my fingers dancing over the keyboard. I just finished eating nasi lemak and hot peach tea whew.

*throwing pompom all over the room*

You're one step towards not fitting your baju raya, Amirah! *picking up the pompom one by one*

I was soooo freaking hungry as I eat nothing (read: nasi) for lunch. My diet schedule was miserable these days ugh. I'm not following my usual meal time. And yeah, hello gastritis!
Actually I just got back from Tafaqquh (an occasional islamic event every Thursday night) and I didnt took my dinner before that so yeah I pampered my stomach by having a midnight nasi lemak lelz.

And here I am writing up some words as I cant sleep with full stomach or else I will wake up with bloated belly and nausea tomorrow. No, please. I want my Friday be a productive daaay as that is the only off day I have. Productive here means sihat sejahtera walafiat so that I can clean up my room, do my home duties, settle the laundry, pamper myself with scrub, shampoo, conditioner and whatnot, and do all the sunnah things :D

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm in the amidst of exam (bila je tak exam lulz). Currently facing midterm, my last paper will be on this Monday, and then follows by Quiz 2 exam. My first final exam paper turn out to be on 24th April which is only 2 weeks away! #pray4amirah

Pehh *lap peluh*

Weeks ago (2 weeks, if I'm not mistaken), Biro Pembangunan Insan held this one competition to attract people towards their next event, SC gabungan dentist. The theme was about beautiful women in Islam. Each contestant should post a picture with a nice caption and the official hashtag; #beautifulwomeninislam and #SCgabungandentist must be included. And guess what?

I joined! Whew

"Your value as a woman is not measured by the size of your waist or the number of men who like you. Your worth as a human being is measured on a higher scale -- of righteousness and piety.

And that is how beautiful women in Islam is defined smile emoticon"

#beautifulwomeninislam #scgabungandentist

And the winner was announced on the event itself (was held last Wednesday).
Guess whaaat? (once again hahahah)

I won the first place!

Alhamdulillaaah. I never thought of winning that contest as my caption way too short compared to other contestants hahah. And Mimi (my SC mate & classmate) won the second place. Alhamdulillah our SC group, Sweet Cookies conquer the contest wehuuuuuu *throwing flowers all over the place*

Alright. I think thats all for now. Banyak lagi senanye nak cerita tapi lain kali ah hahahah kbye!
Thanks for reading, XOXO!

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :D


dearest diary

Dream comes true :')


Salaaaaaaaaamun alaykum and haiiiii pipol *lelambai*

After quite some time, I finally managed to ramble something via lappy wehuuu!
(No this is seriously not good bcs she supposed to study her slides for her next exam instead of online and blogging #prayforher)

AMARAN KERAS: Post ni panjang! Only strong ppl can read till the end (I'm one of them)


"Mirah, Osteonecrosis"
"Kenapa dengan ituuuuu"
Style balas whatsapp gaya macam terjerit jerit tapi takleh nak resist. 
Lekat jadi habit. Ha eloklah tu.

"Takdoklah. Saja nak sebut"
"Ohhh haha ingat kenapaaa"

"Teringat Mirah jah sebenarnya"
"Awww terharunya ada orang rinduuuuu"

"Ohh, shut"
Logo samsung keluar beserta nada irama lagu berdering sambil vibrate.
Malas malas bangun menghampiri charger.

Elok jugak phone mati. Hilang satu penghalang nak study. Esok ada exam.
Lalu phone dicharge sampai esok pagi. (jangan ikut ya anak anak)

Esoknya, on phone, hang jap. Beriban whatsapp masuk, misscall Viber, notification instagram. Tu nasib baik facebook twitter uninstall. Kalau tak lagi banyak. 

"Happy birthday." --
Akar tunjang segala notification yang masuk.


Hari Isnin, kelas supposedly habis pukul 3 kalau ikut jadual. Memandangkan haritu ada exam 3 paper untuk subjek Oral Histology, balik awal sikit. Sikit je la. Tak jauh beza sangat pun.

Sampai bilik, mata scan board yang tergantung di dinding.

'Masak - Partner Wawa'

Beg diletak di atas kerusi, pin tudung dibuka. Sarung lengan, stokin, dibuka dan diletakkan di satu tempat. 

Sambil badan dibaringkan ke atas katil. Mata mengerling phone, tengok jam.


Aplikasi whatsapp dibuka.
"Wawa, nanti nak masak datang kejut deh. Nak tido jap"
"Oh lupa harini kita masak. Okay"

Cakap je nak tido. Tapi duk scroll reply segala wish di segala media sosial tak semenggah.
Tanpa sedar, selamat ke alam mimpi.


Mata dibuka. Lama tenung siling, otak tengah proses jap.
Tidurlah lagi lepas Asar. 

Bila dah sedar sepenuhnya, mata terbuka luas. Tangan meraba raba mencari gerangan phone.

Terus bingkas bangun dari katil selepas melihat angka di phone.


"Wuttttttttttt dah 7.30 tak masak lagiiiii kesiannya housemates mesti lapaaar"
Dengan terhuyung hayang bangun, langkah diatur menuju ke bilik Wawa.
Pintu bilik Wawa diketuk.

"Ya? Jappp tengah tukar baju"
"Wawa buka puasa dengan apa? Kenapa tak kejut kita?"

"Bukak dengan kurma je tadi. Wawa pun baru je bangun"
"Ohh okay"

Langkah diatur ke bilik hosemates yang lain, nak minta maaf lambat masak.
Cubaan membuka pintu bilik Wani & Niena -- gagal sebab dikunci.

"Takpe diorang kenyang doh tu makan maggi tadi"

Langkah diatur kembali ke bilik. Jari menekan suis lampu, namun tiada perubahan yang berlaku.
Bilik tetap gelap gelita.

"Alaaaaa lampu bilikkkkk"


Cut the story, Wawa ajak pergi beli starter lampu & beli makanan sebab lapar. 
Naik je teksi, penutup mata dihulur.

"Pakai ni"
"Pakai je. Malam ni kita gi dating tempat special deh, kita celebrate dua orang je lah birthday Mirah. Yang lain macam busy je"

Gembira dan sedih bercampur. Kenapa housemate yang lain..........


"Okay, meh tangan. Turun slow slow, kita sampai dah ni."
"Kat mana ni Wawa wehh?"
"Adelerr, mana boleh bagitau sekarang. Stay sini, jangan gi mana mana. Nak bayar duit teksi jap"

Penutup mata dibuka sedikit, nak intai phone.

"Haipp Miraaah jangan bukak!"
Okay okay tak jadi bukak.

Tangan ditarik lagi, menuju ke tempat yang dituju.
Perlahan lahan Wawa guide, sampai duduk atas kerusi. Kemudian penutup mata dibuka.

"Happy birthday to youuuu happy birthday to youuu.........."
Dan beberapa lagu birthday bahasa lain turut dinyanyikan.

"Cemana korang semua boleh ada kat siniiii? Bukan tadi semua ada dalam bilik memasing kee?"
Semua gelak.

"Kitorang pakai teleport je"
"Alaaaaa thankyou semua!"

Satu rumah rupanya dah ada kat situ. Kat situ, kedai seafood. Sebab favourite memang seafood. Sumpah terharu tahap tak tau nak cakap dekat orang.

Cravingness fullfilled!


Semua balik jalan dah terhuyung hayang sebab kenyang campur mengantuk.
Sampai je rumah, Niena terpekik pekik panggil masuk bilik dia.

"Cantik tak Na harini?"
"Dah bila nya Na tak cantik?"
Mata dijeling terbalik.

Sekejap tu, Wani panggil.
"Meh duduk sini dulu. Lepak ah jap, ni game awak dah panggil"
"Alaaa kot ye pun jap ah nak tukar baju letak beg dulu ni"
"Takpayah lah, tukar baju satgi. Duduk sini kejap"

Punggung dilabuhkan di atas katil milik Niena. 
Aplikasi game Episode dibuka.

"Mirah, lampu bilik cemana? Dah okay?"
Wawa menjengah masuk bilik Wani dan Niena.

"Haaa belumm. Meh nak try pasang starter ni haa"
Tangan meraba raba beg mencari starter yang baru dibeli tadi.

"Serious lah, takkan jatuh kot."
Tangan terus mencari. Starter hilang.

"Takpelah, esok beli baru lah. Hadeih mana la pergi starter ni"
Sambil membebel, sambil berjalan menuju ke bilik.

"Mirah, nak tengok snapchat jap"
Phone dihulur kepada Wawa.

Buka je pintu bilik, 

"Happy birthday to youuu happy birthday to youuuu..........."

Mata ditala ke atas katil, lantai, almari. dinding.

Mulut tak boleh ditutup. Terkejut terharu terterter semua lah.


bergambaq dengan belon belon (suku daripada yg ada. banyak en!)

This is me wearing penutup mata all the way to Kadoura (the seafood restaurant)

Ni gambaq bilik aku yang dipenuhi belon --

Antara hadiah yang dapat :D


Okay first sekali tepuk tangan untuk diri sendiri sebab berjaya baca sampai abeh wehuuuuu daebak ah! Kumawooo ~

K sambung.

Tahap terharu tu sampai takde word yang boleh describe cemana.
Ya Allah terima kasih sangat sangat sangat sangat. Ni macam dream comes true. Serious.
Sebelum ni mana pernah dapat surprise ceni. Kena jirus dengan air adalah hahahah.

MashaAllah till now I still have no words to utter, how much I appreciate everything that youguys have done for my birthday, and for our almost 2 years of friendship. 

And special thanks to House 4 -- Aifaa Didi Aimi Qilah Ficat (askar askar yang ceroboh masuk bilik pastu hias masa kitorang pergi celebrate makan makan tu hahaha). Tanpa korang, I wont get this double surprise. Thankyouuuuuu! <3 div="">

Thankyou for this friendship :")


Alright now Amirah, you may continue your revision session. Go back to your slides, shuh shuh.
*stretching hands*

Pray for me! I'm facing my midterm exam rn. Semoga Allah permudahkan.

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen :D

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