Salam alaykum.

One of my uni-mates had an accident last 3 days, hari Jumaat (kes langgar lari) and now, he is currently being warded in ICU as he is coma rn. Sad to say, I have this kind of 'complex-to-be-told' situation just before he had his accident and forsure I haven't say sorry to him yet.

Being emo for few days before, and he was one of my victim (which is I considered as teruk jugak lah kena). After re-read our conversation, I finally figured out that I shouldnt behave like that as masalahnya tak besar pun, aku je nampak besar pastu kecoh boo me -_-

Bila dah tenang balik (from being extra emotional), baru rasa bersalah. Pastu tetiba dia accident ha ko ghase cemana perasaan tu? I can't focus studying (besok exam woi) as his condition keep worsen *cries blood*

Plus, one of my classmates informed that one of causes of his coma was he lost lots of blood (masa accident tu) and I was like 24/7 thinking of donating my blood to him T.T 

Tapi darah aku AB. Kalau dia darah AB jugak boleh lah aku nak donate..................................

K stop Amirah, pasal lost blood tu taktau sahih ke idok info nya -_-'
Guys, please please pleaseeeeee pray for his speedy recovery. *begging*
I havent seek his forgiveness yet. Sangat tidak tenang rn :'(

Rabbuna yusahhil in shaa Allah.

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen.

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4 awesome homosapiens ^^

  1. darah mia pun AB?
    kita samaa :D

    1. @Kei

      Yeayyyyyy samaaaaa!!! *high five*

  2. syafahullah ..
    doakan dia mira
    he will be fine. insyaAllah

    1. @nurul iman;

      Alhamdulillah hes doing fine nowwwww heheheheh thankyou atiliaaaa :)


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