Have you ever been in a situation in which youre not the faulty but you feel guilty?
I couldnt describe that further. Dia rasa cam hati tak berapa senang. Padahal bukan salah kau pun.
Tersepit tetengah, dilemma. I always have those kind of feeelings lol. Yeah ikr, boo me T.T

Ceritanya, I am going to my friend's house by tomorrow, sleep over there for few days. Just for fun, tighter the ukhuwah bond *ceh and whatnot. And, I am going to hunt my fav shoes there as the stores are not available in Kelantan. Lol demanding angatz (tampor pipi). 
At the same time, my sis insist to buy new shoes too, as hers was torn apart. It becomes a problem when... I dont how how to say (banging head).

Its like, I dont want to trouble my friend as her home is quite far from my sister's college. In the meantime, I dont want to crash my sister's feeling as she always help me whenever I have problems.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah susahnya T.T

So I asked my friend's opinion but she didnt read yet padahal dah lama sent. Everytime masuk noti je, my heart fluttered. Maybe she's sleeping or whatnot (husnudzhon, guyss). I hope she wouldnt mind as I willing to pay for petrol's bill. I really hope so!

.......still thinking the way out. Blegh. 

K guys, gonna meditate first (lol). Tak habis kalau duk termangu depan laptop cenggini ahaks. 
May I found the way out from this probs. 

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen.


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