Salaaamun alaikum. Ola people.

Jyeahh, I know its been lots of hiatus since my arrival here. Ye ye aku mengaku aku dah jarang jelajah sini.
But believe me that Im deadly wanna share every single thing that happened here. It just, I don't have much time. Sobs.

Hamdan lillah, quizzes have passed, and I know there'll be another quizzes in line and currently waving winking to me hahahha. Amirah boleeeehhhhhh!
Quiz 1 is over today. Rasa nak nanges sebab taktau kenapa. Oke oberr -_-

Since dah lama tak meraban merapu rapu, I kindly lost idea what to share. Tak rasa mcm awkward ke post ni? Hahhah nvm.

Okeylah. All the best for all SPMs candidate. Especially my very own and only sister, Mc Wa.
Make Umi Abi proud of you. Supporting you across countries, ocean and thousands mile ;)

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameen.

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