It's been almost a week here. And I just got a fever -- homesickness by today. Sebelum ni feeling mcm dtg holiday je. So takde la tringat sangat. But now T.T

Scrolling throughout the pictures in phone's gallery. Scroll, scroll, scroll, and keep scrolling. Until my eyes caught a picture portraying both of you. A selfie. Couple selfie to be exact. My lips crept a smile.

All of sudden, a feel of missing boomed my heart. I stood rooted, and keep staring the picture. I miss you, umi abi. I miss u. Whatsapping is not enough. And the Skype is not functioning. And I haven't bought the credit for VOIP yet. I wanna talk to youguys. Deadly want to T^T
Slowly, the pure crystal clear of tears dropped. One by one.

Thinking that it takes another two years to meet both of you fastened the rolled of tears. They keep trickling down my cheeks non-stop.
I was more like; LAMANYA LAGIII T.T

Ye la, dua tahun kot. Ni baru tujuh hari ;(

I'll put the best efforts to save money -- so then I can go home.
I will, in shaa Allah. I will.

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameennn.

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