On board


[Thursdays, 18.09.2014]

Salaaamun alaikumm. Hai people.

(typing this while bored in flight wahahahha but not so sure bila boleh publish sbb once sampai nnti mesti takde internet lagi. Kena tunggu line tenet dulu ah kan)

Tbh, I still can't believe the the day has come finally. Time flies so fast.

Oke. So, proudly to say --
I'm not crying before departure just now. Seriously, and IDK whyyy.
Maybe sebab pihak agent panggil ayah aku untuk baca doa sebelum berangkat. Mungkin.
And they called him 'Tuan Haji Rushdan' xD

Okengg, gonna update leyta *lelambai

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameennn :)

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