Next week and next next week. Its gonna be much hectic. And I think I have to be prepared physically and mentally. Coz its way too long Im in this circumstance; relax and do nothing. Seriously -_-'

Belek kalendar pun semput dah nengok segala notes. Penuh kot, adeih.
Then lepas two hectic weeks, tinggal lagi two relax weeks nak berjimba jimba dengan family before further study balik.

Cuti empat bulan seriously tak rasa masa bergerak. Tup tup dah nak sambung degree. Cepatnyaaaa masa berlalu ;(

Dalam dua minggu tu, I have to reflect myself. Think of new strategies, create new improvement and so on.

Coz the next journey, is not the mere one :]

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2 awesome homosapiens ^^

  1. lagi 2 weeks !!!! erghh !!!! x ready pon...

    1. @nurul Iman,

      Kaaannnn. Masa cepat sangat berlaluuuu :(


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