Pon ponn. Tumpang promote jap eheh.


Salaam 'alaik people.

I currently doing a project since I've done nothing except the-endless-household-chores along this heaven hols. Hehheh -_-

So, as the title above, I'm selling handpainted totebag.
Which I bought the plain totebags, then I doodle smthg on that (based on customer's request).

Basically we have four types of totebags ;

- White strap totebag
- Black strap totebag
- Sling totebag
- Mini sling totebag

P/S: Sling means it has a long strap so you can wear it crossly :D

The price?
Based on the design itself. But don't worry, the price will not exceed Rm30. In shaa Allah :)

You can check these out more on instagram, @rhanafa_totebag.

So, meh pakat beli.
Hashtag totebagmurah
Hashtag totebag
Hashtag totebagmalaysia
Hashtag slingtotebag
Hashtag handpaintedtotebag

Aihh banyak hashtag. Hahahha abaikan -_-

May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameeennn :)

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