Salaamun alaik pipol.

(This just a short entry. Pardon me I just cant help to post an entry now and I dnt know why OMG OMG OMG what iz wrong with meeeee what iz happening to meeeeeeeyh *flip kerusi* k stop. Lets jump to the main entry. Ka-chingggg)

I have LOTS of diary since I was a kid. And yeah, every first page of the diary(ies) have it owns warning (Its a must k, macham trend gitew haa). Lol.
I just cant stop laughing when I read all that back then. Hahhahaha xD

One of em, (this was written when I was in Form 1) ;

"Hey you!
Yes, you. The one who is reading these words. I warn you, dont you ever dare to open another sheet of this book. Just stop on this page. Understand?

GOOD. Your mother must be proud of you. GO and play another things now. Close this book and place this into its place where you had overtook just now.

I appreciate that :) "

Hahahahha told yaa. Aku taktau korang camana but I found those words a lil bit funneyhh. And weird -_-
I mean, how come boleh terlintas nak tulis cemtu. Siap 'your mother must be proud' bagaiii. Lol lol.
Oh yea. Please excuse my bahasa >.< 
Ah well, bebudak baghu nak blaja la katekann. Bahasa budak form 1, nak canggih tang mano sangaaat. Hahhaha xD

Ni baru buku ni. Theres myriad of em lagii hahahha. Iolls share satu cuntuh je k hihhi (gelak mintak pavlova)

Oh ye. I just looooooove to write whatever things tht came across in my mind, all the secrets, what I thought, what I feel and what ive dreamt *baca: mimpi* (jugak. lol)
Since I was in the primary school back then. Tadika tu tak sure laa. Tak jumpa sebarang bukti Lol -___-

But yeah, thats me btw. One of the reason I'm bloggingggg. Tapi dalam blog ni kira bertapis aaa sket hahhahaha. Mana bole straight sangat, bahaya.
Conclusion, yeeah, I do do tht girly-thingy ---> have own diaries.

Huahuahua kbai.


May Allah ease every single thing, in shaa Allah, ameeenn :)

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2 awesome homosapiens ^^

  1. mia !! same lah kite... iolls pon suke tulis diary. gelak sakan bile bce balik . ahha. sgt x matured ar.
    mase sklh rendah ade 3-4 diary.
    mase sklh men, ade 1 je, tp tuu pon gune kertas kajang. bile rase nk menulis, tmbh kertas baru.. form1 n 2 rasenye x byk sgt menulis.. :D
    so funny lah. hey you !!! yes you . i love u ^^

    1. @nurul iman,

      Yeayyy samaaaa hiks :3
      kannn sangat laa idok matured. tapi yg bestnya boleh ingat balik kenangan time kekecik duluuu :D

      amboih gahhahha. love you three! ^^


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