Just a piece of advice.


Salaaaamun 'alaikum. Ola people :D

Dear readers, heres some advice for you, a piece. Just a piece . 


If you hv any talent or something that you're deadly good at, never stop doing that.
Once you stop, it's hard to be that good anymore. Trust me.

I've experienced that before. And I'm damnly regretting for not doing those things continuously. Seriously :(

Arabic language. Lima tahun kot, belajar.
Yeee, aku takde la masyi gegila Arab. Bukan dapat A+ pun time SPM. Mampu dapat A je.
Tapi still, skill buat essay Arab tu ada. Step by step belajar. Sampai aku mampu buat essay panjang.
Tapi skang, rasenye nak buat essay tahap Form 1 pun merangkak kot.
Setahun tinggal, dah berkarat segala ilmu. Hadeih -_-

"Once you stop writing, you have to start everything all over again"
-Madame Aina-

Trueeeee, teacher. I've left my writing (on short stories, novels and poems) so I think I've lost my talent on doing all those things.

So koghaaaanggg,  jangan jadik macam aku tau.
If you have passion on something, just keep rock with it. Jangan tinggalkan. Tau tauu. Nanti menyesal tak sudah :')

Bahasa Arab dgn writing tu cuma secebis drp contoh benda yg semakin pudar dalam hidup aku. Secebis je T_T

p/s: like seriously, aku bencI autocorrect dekat phone. I am chronically typo! Once tulis, kena backspace then eja balik. And everything becomes 'lembab gilos'. Arghh menci menci >.<

May Allah ease every single thing, inshaAllah, ameeen :)

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