Assalamualaikum. Hello earthlings :)

Hmm finally. First post of 2014.
10 haribulan baru terkedek kedek nak post. let it be xD

Lots of things happened throughout the year. PLKN memories, SPMs result, masuk matriks, and so on. sampai esok pun tak habis kalau aku nak mention satu satu. aherher :D
Forget the past, because the past is equal to dust. But dnt frget to bring along the lessons :)

Nothing much to be written. Just to tell the world that im still alive, and doing fine here.
Much better, i think. Alhamdulillah.

so, for 2014, 
azam : tunaikan azam yg tak tertunai lagi 

May Allah ease every single thing, inshaAllah :)

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