Assalamualaikum. haiii homosapien sekalian :D

Lusa result.
Tipu kalo tak nervous. Tipu kalo tak bimbang. Tipu kalo tak takut.
Bawah pointer 2.0 kena hantar pegi Program Dua Tahun (PDT) kott.
mana mau taruk muka maa? maluu >.<

'Am I not belonging to Kolej MARA Kulim anymore?'
-this question kept lingering on my mind-

what if I failed to be here anymore?
I think I might hv to start packing my things slowly.
Selasa result, Jumaat dah kena hantar pegi kolej lain if dpt bwh pointer 2.0
nauzubillahi minzalik >.<


Lately I cant focus on my study. and even on my life. I was being aimless for a moment.
Too much things kept to and fro in my mind. That forced me to be very careful of whatever Im gonna do, gonna says, and gonna expressing my feels.

Im not the one who easily put my trust on others. I hard to share my feels, my problemo.
Quite secretive, no? thts me btw.

I shared all things just to certain people. the only tht comfort me.
Kei, tbh, I hv no secret with u.
thanks a lot for being there fr me :)

im still healing myself. from a problem tht just me, kei and Allah know.
skang ni rasa macam dah jauh terbabas. Im not the old me anymore. yg jaga semua benda.
im, slowly turning into worst.

I hv to start all the thing all over again, towards a better muslimah. and upgrading myself into a good servant for Him. Frankly speaking, mu'minah in progress :]

May Allah ease every single thing, inshaAllah, aminn :]

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2 awesome homosapiens ^^

  1. mia, kei bg porsche carrera gt sebijik kalau mia dpt bwh 2.0 haha. nmpk tak betapa kei yakin yg you wont get tht kind of pointer?
    and again have a grip on dota club, hahaha

    1. keiii, thanks hahha. yeayy dpt porsche dh lps ni xP
      hoyeah dota club! thank u thank u xD


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