Assalamualaikum. hai everybody ^__^

orait. what is OME ?
I bet uolls can guess what is that mean.
yea, yeah. youre right. OME stand for 'Oh My English' .
*big clap*

eh, CUIT !! im not going to describe the famous-astro-tv-iq-show, Oh My English.
but im all here to express my frustrated with myself.

well, as we know, I have being chosen as one of PLKN trainee on January till March 2013. and there, being busy doing melange of activities held, makes me ignored english languange. seriously, no more speaking in english,writing essays and whatsoever that related to english.

and aku jeles tahap giga dekat anyone yg masuk KEX. seriously.
masuk KEX is one of my dream, tahu? tapi tu before i know that aku jadi insan terpilih untuk berkhidmat untuk negara. and bila aku tahu aku dpt PLKN, hancuss semua. huk huk T.T
Then bila facebooking, tweeting, blogwalking and whatsoever, orang sibuk duk post pasal KEX. everything  about KEX. Im in green, you. green with envy. ROARR ://
nak blaja BI. nak blaja speaking BI. nak blaja cara hadapi situasi iv. and blablabla. jelesss. tsssk T.T

so, otak iolls ni dah berkarat yaww.
nak kena refresh balik all over again. *sigh*
bombastic words pun habis tak ingat dahh. rasa macam, how I deserve A+ for english SPM hari tu? aigooo. perjalanan masih panjang. ngaaa ~

#ada any chlorox yg boleh cuci balik kekaratan otak aku tak? -..-"

have to read lots of english novel. yeah, that is a MUST. lama dah tak baca.
*tangan genggam, muka penuh keyakinan*
umiii, nak beli buku bolehh? *facepalm* hikhok >.<

May Allah ease every single thing, inshaAllah, aminn! :)

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