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Assalamualaikum. hello earthlings ^^

do you have any black memory?
I am pretty sure, most of us have experience pain, heart pain.
it kills every nerve and almost lead us into dismay, loosing hope and tears.
bitter memory.

me too. I do have that. no matter how far I struggle to throw that memory away, it still there, in my life history.
never can be erased, though ive tried thousand times.

keep smiling, and never tell the peeps around about the despicable history. be cheers, hyperactive and act like I never have difficult time.
that was what I have done.

this history happened years ago. when I was still an innocent kid. and I do really dont understand what happening on that time. till im growing up, learning and understand the chaotic of life.

I tell no one about this. even my bffs. time flies fastly. it remains secret. untill ive burst it to two friends in my dorm, at PLKN.
I have no idea why I shared the story with them. maybe because we are in the same boat. just the difference is, my story have a happy ending, while both of them not. they kept in misery.

every single things happened for a reason. yes, there is 'hikmah' why I shared the story.
and im grateful that ive shared the story with them. all praises to Him, the Most Merciful Lord, Allah :)

however, Alhamdulillah because everything had being settled down. and our life back to normal.
even sometimes it raced into my mind, that was a normal thing, right?

sad memories are hard to be forgotten :')

May Allah ease every single thing, inshaAllah, aminn! ^^

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2 awesome homosapiens ^^

  1. if everything's ok, good. Sometimes we need to express kot memory tu, even if it's sad. I've done it, and yg peliknya, express dkt org yg bru je kenal. sebab dia listen, and have gone through a lot too :) we'll feel connected


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