tomorrow :)


Assalamualaikum n helloO world.

 me iz kinda online at plkn. wiwiwi~
thanks to celcom btw xD

okayy. tomorrow is the day.
 the day that most of us wira n wirawati waiting for. 
and we were used to make a countdown for that. ohoii. kinda making suspens here. lol xD

okayy lah okayy lah. I'll tell u. its community service timeee! hoyeah hoyeah. pegi gotong royong, rumah anak yatim, old folks, grave *yg ni wira only*, mosque and so on. and cikgu cay told us yg orang kampung akn turut keluar bergotong royong with us! meriah bohh. ahaks. 

kilatkan spike boot.
gosok seluar loreng.
gosok tudung.
packing bag.
prepared all things needed.

#can't wait for tomorrow! ^^
*kinda enchanted* tewhee~

orait. so peeps, pray for us straight A SPM and every single thing runs smoothly yea.. insyaAllah.. amiin! :)

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