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Assalamualaikum and hello earthlings ^^

hoyeah hoyeah ! just 2 papers in line :D

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#Pendidikan al-Quran dan asSunnah (PQS)

yeah , it was undeniable if i said i was happy . nobody can doubt that . SPM was going to leave me, just in a week . but i do still have the other feels right in the deep of my heart - sadness .

the eerie circumstances in the exam hall , those sporting invigilators , the calmness , the havoc .

 ohh how i'm gonna miss all these one day . and i will exactly miss my appearance in the school uniform - yeah i knew i was just that type; selekeh  ( my sister told me this and she always thought that she was the prettiest one :P ) but does that matter ? nope . i love the way i am :)

and friends . i do have lots of kind hearted and awesome friends . classmates, desk mates, roommates, hostel mates . i strongly believe that i will miss uolls much one day . and i know that the day will come soon .

 and my bestie SUNBFD , i hope our friendship will never comes to the end . the whole 5 years we befriend , spending time together was the most precious moment i ever had in my entire life . thank you for ever-single-thing , friends (':

thus, i will benefit the rest one week .

and peeps, pray for me 11A+ SPM , insyaAllah..amiiin !

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