there's a relief:)


totally,after each difficulties..there's a relief..

    honestly i say, i'll be like crazy if i'm in their shoes..the gone of our beloved one is too hard to be accepted by anybody but,always remember that The Most Merciful is always be there..

    fadhilah n hanun dear, i know that losing a mother is not as easy as a is like loosing everything..but i know u guys are not feeble..u guys are strong and dawn..and,each His creature will back to Him no matter how long it will be going. ade hikmah di sbalik smua yg tjadi..don't worry..and the utmost important is..Allah lg syg kt mak korg..ok:)



 bersabarlah di atas segala ujianNya , ada hikmah disebalik segala yg berlaku

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