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A Distant


Hi. Salaaamun alaykum earthlings!

It's been a while. I am currently in Malaysia for as usual; my summer break. This is the third time I came home for a break (cuz I've done with my third year). But this time, the feeling is different.
Do you know what giving up is? I am in that circumstance. 

You know, I used to be the one who start the arrangement for a meet up and everything. The eagerness to meet friends were roaring inside me. Cuz I missed everyone that I used to hang up with. But the thing is, things were never the same. People who reaally want to meet me and put effort -- can be counted with fingers. What a sad life, wasn't it?

Hence, I am giving up now. I used to be the one who "Heyy jom jumpa" put effort this and that, and at the end, puff everything ruined because it was one sided. Love is not the only thing that worked two ways, you see. Thus I decided to stop. Only people who really put effort for a meet up -- we will meet. I am not gonna start anymore. I need to keep a distant from people who did not appreciate my presence. This is life anyway, people come and go. 

For those who still cherishing my presence in your life, thank you. I cherish yours, too.

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Theme changed!


Salaaaaamun alaykum & hi everyoneee :D

Can you seeeeeee any difference in mah blog? Can youuuu? Weheeeee!!

Senanya tengah final exam tapi nyempat ngeditnya pun hahahah. Tak, tak habis edit lagi. Banyak benda yang ada dekat blog lama belum letak kat sini. Masih lagi in progress! Sikit sikit laaah hehheh. Once habis exam nanti kita pulun!

Anyhow, I finally changed my blog theme into a simpler one, and I looove this! Maigod, my taste changed drastically. Im getting old, people.

My previous theme took quite some time to load, berat sangat kut aku edit masa zaman gegila edit dolo hahahah. Sebab tu jugak rasa nak tukar jadi lagi simple, nampak matured sikit guys. 22 dah guys. Hahahah kbye.

I have a practical exam today, subject Operative Dentistry. Yang tampal tampal gigi orang tu haa. Doakan patient datang, pastu kes gigi dia simple jee pastu sekejap je dah siap berjalan dengan lancar semuanya, Dr pun mood baik je. Aminnnn! May Amirah Rushdan passed the exam excellently, inshaAllaah, ameen.

Hehheh. Ni kat bawah ni gambo previous theme (for those yang 1st time datang blog aku. Btw hi!) Sorry gambar terlebih chantek sebab dah tutup lampu masatu, rumet dah tidoq ehehe. Adios gais! 



A poem


"There sat a lion,
Who hate girls on his own,
Because of his past and his reason.
On my dental unit he sat on,
He is -- my patient."

I ain't telling a lie.
Esok jumpa dia lagi sebab haritu sempat buat temporary filling je. (Patient operative dentistry, he is my batchmate tapi medic)

Doakan iolls, gais. Seorang Amirah cuak.

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